I write to you today to update you on where the College is heading this year, and how we intend to strengthen our educational architecture for generations to come.

Last year was a year of profound significance for our College. An anniversary of the past and a springboard into the future, 2018 was a chance to articulate our vision for education and rally our community to support the plan to reinvent education.

At the centrepiece of this plan is the creation of the John Cunningham Student Centre and the development of authentic character through the expert provision of care.

We want to give our boys a strong, caring home for the development of their character.

We want to give our boys a strong, caring home for the development of their character. To achieve that, we have embarked on a project to upgrade the Stevenson Library from a building that is no longer fit for purpose into a lasting symbol of our proud heritage. Traditional in its architectural design and thoroughly contemporary in its interior, the John Cunningham Student Centre will blend cutting-edge research driven classrooms with the latest in activity-based learning facilities.

Given the size and scope of this project, I wanted to update you on where we are at with respect to our fundraising and regulatory objectives, and provide an overview of the road forward.

Our Fundraising Efforts

At the time of writing, we are nudging $25 million in gifts and pledges from a significant array of families who have chosen to leave a legacy to the College. Most of these generous contributions will unfold over three years, and all enjoy tax deductible status.

At every level, donors to this significant endeavour will be recognised throughout the campaign and in the finished building. In light of the high-degree of interest this project has generated, there remain a small number of opportunities to leave a significant legacy in the Centre. Should you wish to discuss sponsoring a room, program or floor; please contact Ms Larissa Belonogoff at the details below.

With the contextual certainty afforded by Mr John Cunningham’s seed funding, and the subsequent commitments of other generous families, it is with pleasure that I can announce our broader appeal will commence in 2019. Our team is in the final stages of finalising a broader list of opportunities for your consideration, with items ranging between $5,000 to $10,000 over three years. I will update you again in the near future with this information.

Achieving Regulatory Approvals

As an established school in a highly residential area, there are many steps that must be considered during the early planning process; especially engaging with our neighbours. Given the size and scope of this project, the John Cunningham Student Centre is being assessed by state planning authorities for regulatory compliance. Together with our project development team, the College is working through these state-based channels to ensure that we are in a position to commence construction work as soon as possible.

The Road Ahead

As we move into the next chapter of our shared history, I encourage you to learn more about why we believe there is a pressing and urgent need to reinvent the way we teach our children. There is no more important asset to our families, companies and nation than our human capital. To develop that to its full potential, we need every student to rise to the surface — and to do that, we need your support. Below is a short overview of our plan for Reinventing Education -- and I commend it to you.