This month, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with our College community around the world. We have an exciting vision for the future, and it was my pleasure to introduce you to it.

Across the world, we engaged with our alumni. 

As we celebrated 125 years of Scots, it was particularly inspiring to see the level of support in our community for the next chapter of our College’s history. 

We have much to be proud of at Scots. Strengthened by a rich intellectual history, our unique educational model has served us well over the course of our history – but the world is changing and education as we experienced just won’t be good enough for our children as they face a radically different future.

We need fresh thinking, that puts educators back in the driver’s seat

For our young people to fulfil their potential, schools can’t continue to follow an outdated model that teaches to the test, divorces learning from real world settings, and only measures outcomes through examination scores and school-based assessments. We need fresh thinking, that puts educators back in the driver’s seat.

To achieve that, we need the generous support of every Scots family. 

Many of you asked whether opportunities still exist to support the creation of the John Cunningham Student Centre and generously offered your professional knowledge in support of Reinventing Education. We have several ways of recognising a wide range of support levels, from naming rights to whole floors and programs to furniture and decorative tiles. You view these opportunities below.

Our team are also compiling information on those in the academic and corporate community who are willing to offer in kind support to Reinventing Education.

It has been great to connect with you and share an early glimpse of what we are planning. For now, I leave you with a film we have produced that provides a broad overview of our future plans: you can view that below.