Education is a vital tool for not only closing the gap, but also for influencing the fabric of our communities and bringing stability for future generations. Join us in growing the Indigenous Education Program from strength to strength.

Foreword from the Head of Indigenous Education

I will start by acknowledging the Traditional Owners and custodians of the Eora Nation, the land on which our College is built. I also acknowledge the lands and seas which our students call home, as they have left the comfort of their homes and travelled far to spend five years or more in the country of Eora Nation.

I sincerely acknowledge our elders present at our College, elders in our home communities and those who have gone before us. I also acknowledge our emerging leaders and future elders present among us, as this is a way of celebrating our young people and ensuring they are supported and guided by many people. 

Education is a vital tool for not only closing the gap but also for influencing the fabric of our communities and bringing stability for future generations.

A famous quote by American activist Fredrick Douglass states, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” I know too well that our communities are usually led by strong women and I realise the importance of growing a generation of strong, resilient men with Brave Hearts and Bold Minds. 

Education is a vital tool for not only closing the gap but also for influencing the fabric of our communities and bringing stability for future generations. The Scots College is a leader in the provision world-class education. I am humbled to be part of and contribute to the education of our boys, and work with parents, staff, mentors and ambassadors to co-design programs which allows for academic and cultural success.

I have experienced firsthand the impact quality education can have to improve social capital. Having gained education only up to Year 9, I am pleased I had mentors and people who supported and believed in me, without those people and experiences I would not be where I am today. My story could have been a very different one without these people. In my experience, all it takes is one person!

Are you that person? That one person who will walk beside us at Scots and walk in the red dust of our communities.

Can you support us to be part of leading action research in Indigenous education and help us move forward together? Are you the needle and thread our communities need to help change the fabric of our nation?

Let’s grow the Indigenous Education Program together from strength to strength and ultimately build strong men.

Join us today.

Miss Baressa Frazer

Keep the vision alive

You can help keep the vision of Indigenous Education alive by getting involved today. Your support can be as a mentor, sponsor or as an ambassador for our program. On your continued generosity, we can walk together and change our nation at large.

Become a Sponsor

There is an opportunity to support our program by sponsoring three new Indigenous boys who are starting Year 7, at Scots, in 2020.

About the applicants

  • Our first potential Year 7 applicant hails from a remote interstate community. His application shows some great signs of academic success throughout his primary school. He also enjoys a variety of sports. This young man is quietly confident and understands the importance of family and culture, but expresses drive in pursuing academic success. Sponsor him.
  • Our second applicant is from a more urban setting in NSW. His application portrays a naturally gifted academic, who could be the first Indigenous boy on the gifted and talented program. He has spent many hours researching the best boarding schools in Australia and identified The Scots College as a school which will ultimately enable him to purse an exceptional education, leading him to a foot in the door at any university in Australia. Sponsor him.
  • Our third applicant also hails from a remote interstate community. His father’s home community is well known, where culture, tradition and language are strong. This young man has a passion for music and the arts. His mother, a non-Indigenous woman, is very supportive of him following in the footsteps of his father’s musical accomplishments. This young man’s pursuit for academic excellence is strong, and coupled with his appreciation and commitment to the music industry makes him a strong contender for our program. Culturally strong and academically driven, this young man will also enable others to learn from him, making learning opportunities reciprocal. Sponsor him.

You can help these boys become Scots boys

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Delwyn Wunungmurra ('16), Angus Crichton ('14), Dylan McLachlan ('15) & Jackson Dowling  ('14)