Your gift to the Foundation can be a one-off contribution, unfold over three or five years, or, form part of your estate. In whatever way you choose to support us, your funds are used solely for the advancement of education and will be of foundation importance to the education of young people.

Major Gifts

A major gift is a substantial financial commitment that you, your trust or foundation can make towards The Scots College. 

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The Scots College has enjoyed the support of philanthropists looking to make a national impact and leave a generational legacy. A major gift is a substantial financial commitment that you, your trust or foundation can make towards The Scots College. Your gift could turn the tide of Australian education, empower boys to receive a world-class education when their circumstances might otherwise prevent them from enjoying such opportunity or be a catalyst for change in an area of particular importance to your family. 

For 125 years, philanthropists have supported Scots. Honoured in name and spirit throughout the life of the College, they have left an enduring legacy.

How it works

We'll start by identifying areas of interest to you and your family. 

Our team will craft a bespoke plan for your contribution and ensure that it meets your needs. You can start by viewing some current opportunities for your investment here, but you are by no means limited to what we have presently identified for capital development. 

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A pledge to The Scots College Foundation can take place over three or five years, it is a financial commitment to give a total amount on pre-arranged intervals. 

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How it works

There are several ways your pledge can work. Our team will assist you with identifying the most effective way to structure your contribution. Identifying an investment here is a good way to find something of interest to you and your family. After a conversation, and identifying how you can best support us, the Foundation will issue you with a pledge agreement which will formalise your gift. At the agreed interval, you will be issued an invoice for your contribution. Throughout the campaign, you will be recognised at your full amount. 

One-Off Gift

A one-off gift to The Scots College Foundation can be made online at any time. Your gift will be immediately processed, acknowledged and documented for your financial records.

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How it works

View opportunities to contribute here and make an immediate impact with your odnation. If you don't find something you're after, or would like further information, we can schedule a meeting to build a bespoke giving model for you and your family. 


Remembering the College in your will is a consequential way to leave a legacy and impact Australia. Through the Foundation's programs and activities, you will be recognised and a custom plan developed for your giving. 

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Our philanthropy team is dedicated to helping families leave a legacy and make an impact. Giving is a personal decision, and our team will craft a personal model that suits you and your family. Enter your contact information below and we will contact you. Alternatively, you can contact us at our details below.

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