Engrave your name within the seating of the new Theatrette for $25,000 over 3 years.

Contributing to The Scots College Foundation Building Fund or Scholarship Fund is tax deductible. Use our calculator below to see how much your investment in education could save you.

Calculations are based upon 2017-2018 ATO individual Income Tax rates. The calculations do not include the Medicare Levy of 2%. The exact level of your tax deductibility will vary depending on your present financial circumstances. Please seek assistance from an independent taxation professional for formal guidelines.

How to contribute

A one-off gift

Make a one off, tax deductible, gift to the Foundation to support this project. Donate online and receive a tax receipt.

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A pledge

Pledge funds to the Foundation over three or five years to support this project. Fill in your details below and receive a callback or an email with a bespoke plan for your gift.

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A bequest

Leave a legacy to the College and recognise us in your will. Read how we will design a plan that lets you retain your assets during your lifetime and leaves a legacy long into the future.

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